The companies here believe in TSI and we believe in their products – products we use/like/enjoy/prefer. They have provided some awesome discount codes you can use to get better deals on their gear. You’re welcome, bro!


LALO Tactical began as a supplier to SpecOps to meet the specialized needs of the good guys out crushing evil for a living. They went on to create innovative athletic shoes for special applications and for training. LALO now offers the exact same high-performance footwear to LE and civilians. Bonus – they are super-flippin’ cool. Be the first on your squad to sport LALOs, and be prepared to be asked constantly where you got ’em. Tell them TSI sent you!
Team TSI has been wearing them and are now proud to offer our friends a discount. www.lalo.com

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These are 100%, super-legit sunglasses. These ain’t your momma’s shades from the drug store. There’s a reason SEALs and CrossFit pros wear ’em: quality and durability. The lenses are so solid and clear, way clearer than other comparable-priced specs. The frames are made of aircraft aluminum. And the company is a huge supporter of LE and military.
GATORZ are essential EDC for TSI.

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Shop stop the bleed kits, trauma response kits, pocket kits and supplies. ERS offers a range of kits for bleeding control, airway management and respiration as well as other EDC kits and supplies. Kits are mission specific for military, law enforcement, emergency medical personnel, and trained bystanders.

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Top-notch range gear that doesn’t just look good. Highly functional and guaranteed to stand up to whatever you can throw at it. Also some unique apparel for both guys and girls. They even have K9 gear, whether it’s for your 4-footed service partner or family hound

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Several things here: first, their flip-flops are super comfy. You gotta take care of your feet, it’s the base of all you do, so why not wear flops that are comfortable. Second, they make a ton of different types/colors in a bunch of materials and their prices are solid. Then, you can customize what’s on your flops with patches. Nothing is cooler than patches on stuff. Except for the fact this company was FOUNDED in order to “To create peaceful, forward-thinking opportunities for self-determined entrepreneurs affected by conflict.”


This ain’t your average mass-produced, cookie-cutter Kydex. Individually made holsters and gear that are functional and durable. Choose one of their designs or come up with something and let them create it just for you and your favorite sidearm.